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College Access Program (CAP)

Our College Access Program (CAP) offers college planning services to high school students who have a desire to go to college. The CAP engages youth in a process of self-discovery and learning about careers and postsecondary education. By assisting parents with the college preparation process, the CAP inspires students who might not have considered college to set higher goals. In addition, it generates family awareness of the importance of planning for college and identifies areas of study that need to be strengthened to assist students in fulfilling their college-bound goals.

Once enrolled in the program, students participate for the entire school year and are encouraged to participate for their entire high school career.

The CAP curriculum is designed to help adolescents elevate the way they see themselves and to motivate them into becoming influential community builders.

What CAP does:

  1. CAP provides college counseling, academic preparation and career planning

  2. CAP provides Academic Enrichment and SAT Test Preparation (diagnostic testing, up to 40 hours of live instruction, and test fee waivers)

  3. CAP offers weekly tutoring in Math, Science and English

  4. CAP provides college planning seminars to parents and students on the financial aid process and financial planning

  5. CAP provides opportunities for mentoring, leadership development, and community involvement for participating youth.   


College Access Savings Program (CASP)

The Higher Heights Youth Empowerment Programs, Inc. (HHYEP) College Access Savings Program is an Individual Development Account (IDA) Initiative geared to support low-income families in New Haven save for post secondary education.  Financial education, asset specific training, peer support meetings and individual financial counseling are a major component and requirement of this initiative.  Participants enrolled in the Higher Heights College Access Savings Program will be matched $1 for every $1 saved. 

As part of the Program, participants receive intensive financial counseling to assist participants adhere to committed savings goals.  Participants attend classes on budgeting, credit, saving and other financial issues. In addition, participants participate take part in an asset-based training directly related to goals of homeownership, starting a business, or secondary education.





See Why Students Love Higher Heights!

See Why Students Love Higher Heights!

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